NRL makes decision on St Helens tackle Penrith fans slammed as “illegal”

Yesterday, Serious About Rugby League confirmed that the RFL would not be taking any action against St Helens’ prop Agnatius Paasi after his tackle on Taylan May ended the winger’s season.

Now the NRL have confirmed the same with an explanation given by Luke Patten of the competition.

“Firstly, the initial point of contact by Paasi was high on May’s hip/upper thigh,” Patten told the The Sydney Morning Herald in a statement.

“For a tackle to be considered dangerous and spearing at the legs, the Match Review Committee must see forceful contact at or around the knee of the attacking player.

“Paasi also drops to his knees at the point of contact, which we encourage players to do, and did not drop his body weight onto the back of May’s lower legs. This is one of the key indicators that we would look for in a hip drop tackle.”

This will be little consolation to Penrith fans who were up in arms about the tackle describing it as “illegal” and deserving of “a 10 week ban.”

Others were furious that they didn’t even get a penalty.

Things reached an extreme point when one fan called for a 10 week ban.

They also quite rightly pointed out concern over the grey area that is the World Club Challenge and who is in charge of bans from that game.

Many were not happy with former Super League referee Ashley Klein who declined the penalty.

Many fans had been up in arms about the tackle well before this news.

One of those was the always outspoken League Freak who bemoaned that it “happened a few times.”

He said on Twitter: “Illegal tackle. Wasn’t penalise. Happened a few times.”

Others described it as “a bad one.”


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