National Rugby League Federation hits back at “twitter reaction” branding them “disgraceful”

Greece is moving forward in the world of rugby league.

With the sport initially being illegal in the country, Greece were able to play in the 2022 Rugby League World Cup even colliding with England in Sheffield during the group stage.

Recently, the Greek Rugby League Federation held their Grand Final and there was uproar about the pyro seen in the stands during the event.

Now the Greek Rugby League Federation has come out with the following statement describing the reaction as a “misunderstanding.”

They said:

“The “twitter reaction” to the use of flares and fireworks at our Grand Final has been overwhelmingly positive. However, there are some who like to label it “disgraceful” and “has no place in Rugby League” the minute they see a flare. Slight “misunderstanding” here.

“The people who say this, probably do not understand Greek culture. In your culture, pyrotechnics seem to be associated with trouble, unrest or hooliganism. Whereas in our culture they are associated with celebration.

“The only proof you need of this is to be in Greece on Easter Saturday on the stroke of midnight. Our biggest religious celebration of the year and you will see the greatest pyro show of your life. So, every culture is different, in ours, there is nothing at all wrong with pyrotechnics on big occasions like our Grand Final.”

Despite this, some have continued to slam the pryo saying that it should not be accepted within the crowds and done by amateurs.

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