Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont was minutes away from death after shocking accident

Leigh Centurions owner Derek Beaumont is an incredible character.

Always one to speak his mind, the Leigh man recently went on a trip to South Africa, flying out with his wife and spending time at game reserves.

However, it was at one game reserve where Beaumont almost catastrophically lost his life after standing on a killer wasps nest and that it was only the quick actions of paramedics which saved him.

“My head had swollen up like a football, I went blind, I was delirious and had chest pains and knew I was basically dying,” Beaumont told the Daily Star.

“I am so lucky they got to me. I’d lost consciousness but could hear voices in the distance telling me to stay awake.”

The prognosis, upon the paramedic’s arrival, wasn’t good.

Beaumont continued: “The paramedic said it’s the worst version he’s ever seen and he thought there was no way I could live.

“My statistics were: blood pressure 63/30, blood oxygen 81 and 26 breaths per minute.

“He immediately shot me with steroids and adrenaline and got me on oxygen. That stabilised me but I had another relapse so they had to whack me with more adrenaline.

“He was a minute away from having to ventilate me by making a hole in my throat.

“The paramedic saved my life.”

Although Beaumont has been scarred by the ordeal, he reiterated his desire to continue living if just for rugby league!

“It has massively changed me but I really struggled with it at first – it’s so disturbing mentally. I am very lucky to be alive.

“I’m perceived as this big angry person but an inch long wasp nearly did for me. It wasn’t my time – I have to suffer longer in rugby league!”

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