Do Leeds Rhinos still have money to spend ahead of 2024?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding Leeds Rhinos and their salary cap ahead of the 2024 Betfred Super League campaign.

The Rhinos have spent big money drafting in the likes of Andy Ackers, Brodie Croft, Paul Momirovski and Lachie Miller all of whom will be on big wages.

The Rhinos have confirmed their squad numbers for the 2024 Super League season suggesting that there will be no further signings for the new season despite the fact fans wanted to see a few more new faces through the door especially with Lee Kershaw set to make the move only for it to hit a brick wall.

Chief Executive Gary Hetherington has also said that the Rhinos are “spent up” when speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Thus, it has been speculated that Leeds’ cap is spent up but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Richie Myler revealing that the club wanted him to stay at the club prior to his exit to York Knights.

This suggests that the Rhinos at least have his wage free on the cap unless they have given current players new deals that are yet to be disclosed.

So, it seems that the Rhinos do have more money to spend but how remains to be seen and this is due to Myler’s exit.

Speaking on BBC Radio York, Myler spoke about the move: “I think for me personally it was more the vision of what York is that excited me. Yes, I do still see myself as a Super League player. I still have ambition to play Super League and I still would like to be in Super League. This isn’t a step down for me, it’s almost a step sideways.

“I can see where the vision of the club as a whole wants to go. The vision that the club is doing and the city wants to do, I really understood it and I really bought into it and I think to me that was where it was exciting. Although it was a step down, theoretically, into a different division, I saw it as more of a step sideways, which is probably why a lot of people raise their eyebrows or it was more of a shock news.

“For me it was a step sideways and the long-term vision that I could see, and I could see how I could have an impact because I can have an impact on the field, around the environment. I’ve been in a full-time environment for my whole career; so that again throws its challenges in, but working with Clint, we’re going to tailor it so I’m going to still stay in the full-time environment as such. I just see this as a stepping stone for future years and hopefully where the club gets to.”