Lee Radford says this player should play for England

Few coaches will know Jake Connor as well as Lee Radford.

The Castleford Tigers coach was the man who brough Connor to Hull FC from Huddersfield Giants in the first place but now Connor is headed back to Huddersfield and Radford has had his say on the star man’s move: “Obviously we played Huddersfield on Sunday so I spoke to Jake, we had ten minutes after the game.

“I think what he brings in terms of down the other opposition’s end of the field, I don’t think there’s too many better in the competition. What he does is he puts them half chances and turns them into a chance, I don’t think you can ever ever question that.

“It will be real interesting to see where he’s going to play first and foremost, because whether you like it or not, as a full-back down that end of the field there’s only half the job.”

This comes as Radford said he “would be a benefit” to England if he was picked but only of he could round off his game

Radford said: “There’s another area and part of the field that you’ve got to get right and if he’s playing at six he maybe doesn’t have to deal with that, so that’ll be interesting.

“What he’s going to bring is that he’s going to execute some opportunities, that’s what he brings to a team and what Ian, myself and Brett Hodgson have all tried doing is develop the other areas of the game where you want him to become the perfect player and the finished product because I think he’d be a benefit to England as the finished product, that’s my own opinion.”

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Graham Codd
1 month ago

Connor’s best position is centre where he is international class.