Keep Wakefield Trinity and Toulouse Olympique in Super League but promote Leigh Centurions and Featherstone Rovers

Each year there is a debate about whether promotion and relegation should be present in rugby league.

Promoting both Leigh Centurions and Featherstone Rovers – whilst keeping Toulouse Olympique and Wakefield Trinity in the top flight – would be the most sensible option for the sake of the game.

That is down to the fact that both Leigh and Featherstone have spent heavily – more so than other Championship sides can even try and begin to compete with – and with big backers would be more than fit for Super League in 2023.

It would also give both sides adequate planning to build a team good enough that is capable of not only staying in the top flight, but one to also ruffle a few feathers.

Back when Leigh were promoted at the expense of Toronto Wolfpack, owner Derek Beaumont revealed the hardships that his club had to go through in order to be given that shot ahead of letting the Canadian club back in.

They were effectively ‘the last ones in the supermarket after everyone had got what they had wanted.’

To confirm both the Centurions and Rovers’ place in Super League would enable both clubs to look far and wide for the right team – not give them just a month to sort out a brand new side before pre-season begins.

It would also ensure a much more level playing field in the Championship which has been torn apart by Brian McDermott’s and Adrian Lam’s men.

Although other teams such as York City Knights and Halifax Panthers are strong second-tier sides, they have been blown away by both Leigh and Featherstone in 2022.

It almost seems like there is nowhere for Featherstone or Leigh to go than Super League – and together. And, though Rovers have struggled somewhat to match Leigh in recent weeks and months, they are still far too good for the rest of the challengers in the Championship.

Both clubs have the right facilities, the right men at the helm, the right owners and the right fanbase to make it in the top flight – give them both a chance.

To keep Wakefield and Toulouse in the top flight would also be ideal, why?

Trinity have just begun their long-awaited redevelopment of Belle Vue whilst their local derbies with Leeds and Castleford have produced some remarkable games in recent years.

Keeping Toulouse in Super League also presents the French side with the chance to build on a solid foundation created in 2022.

To get rid of that foundation could knock the stepping stone away from French rugby league – as well as expansion. Exemption was given to Catalans Dragons all those years ago and look where they are now, regular top four contenders.

It is becoming the most sensible option.

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Tony Trindle.
Tony Trindle.
8 days ago

Wheres the money coming from to do this?

Never mind the quality of players required.