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Jon Wilkin’s passionate statement on St Helens’ current form

St Helens are doing it tough at the moment. 

In fact they are doing it tougher than they have since 2017 perhaps.

Asked about the struggles they are currently facing, Jon Wilkin was defiant that this period will do them some good and that they will come good:

“I think for a side that hasn’t faced any adversity in four years, this is a big test of their character and resolve.

“When you have not had to face this adversity, look Saints are a bit broken at the minute especially in the forwards so a lot of sides go through that but it is magnified because we want to make it into this story that St Helens are on the slide.

“I don’t think that is true but some of their performances haven’t been up to par but when they get those players back there is every chance they will be back to their best form but long term I think this will be good for them, you need tough periods, you need tough periods, you need to lose and sulk over a weekend because that is sport and the way Saints have cleaned up over the last four years is not reflective of how sport is.

“The younger players at St Helens, this is a huge moment in their career and the first time they face adversity on the field.

“But if you want me to write Saints go off, I am not going to do it because I don’t think they are on the slide. I think they’ll come back.”

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