It is “inevitable” that a woman will coach a top flight team within “five years” says NRL legend

Canberra Raiders legend Laurie Daley believes there will be a female Head Coach in the NRL within the next decade and even within the next five years.

He described it as “inevitable” and said if they’re good enough to win a position like that, “then why not?”

It comes after Daley was himself denied a coaching role with Manly Sea Eagles in 2023 because of his other job working for Triple M Radio but that has deterred hi for pushing for a woman to receive a similar sort of role in the NRL.

“I think it’s inevitable that it will happen, a woman being a head coach or an assistant coach,” Daley said to the Daily Telegraph, “That’s the way we’re tracking.

“With the rise of women’s sport, in particular rugby league, more people are getting involved and more people will want opportunities so if they’re good enough to win a position, then why not?

“We’re all open now to possibilities.

“I think in the next five years we might start to see women as assistant coaches and then in ten years we might see our first-ever NRL female head coach. There are opportunities there now that weren’t there years ago.

“If they get an opportunity and are prepared to put in the hard work then I think they would do a good job. I can see no reason why it wouldn’t be accepted.

“There is certainly an opportunity for one or two women to be promoted into those roles. Maybe it could start with a coaching job in the under 20s, SG Ball, Jersey Flegg but eventually they would get there.

“It might be ten years, maybe longer, but eventually we will have a female head coach in the NRL.”

It is interesting to see this said a day after St Helens confirmed former player Matty Smith would coach their women’s team. Meanwhile, Leeds Rhinos were once coached by star player Adam Cuthbertson so it certainly works the other way round.

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