Interim Super League chief Ken Davy addresses restructuring rumours amidst new Sky deal

The new interim Super League executive chairman, Ken Davy, has spoken to the media about the negotiations for the new, less-lucrative Sky deal.

“The RFL can expect to get a share of the new deal, but that’s commercially sensitive.

“We’re all having to take a hair cut because it’s common knowledge that deals have been south of what they have previously.

“We haven’t started any discussions as of yet as we wanted to complete the Sky arrangements first – now that’s completed, I’m looking forward to meeting with the RFL and sort out a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

“The view of all Super League clubs is that we are top of the pyramid, but the pyramid doesn’t amount to that much if you take everything away under it.

“The Super League is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the game, but not at the expense of the game.”

Davy was, however, excited to announce that Sky will be expanding their production from next season.

“We’re in discussions with a number of broadcasting parties and one of the exciting things about the Sky deal, there’s going to be enhanced production at every match in 2022 and 2023, with a video referee at every match going forward.

“That means there will be an opportunity for free-to-air matches and thus beam every game to fans and the wider public.

“The prospect of Super League games on a Saturday afternoon on the BBC is an exciting prospect but that is very premature.”

There have been claims that a possible restructuring would be in the pipeline, with the elite tier being reduced to ten, but Davy was keen to stress that won’t be the case.

“It’s pure rumour; I’ve no idea where that’s come from.

“It’s in the same vein of the suggestion that clubs didn’t know what the new Sky deal was – all the boards and alternates were advised on what was included.

“Promotion and relegation will continue also – that’s my understanding, but it’s up to others to make those decisions.

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