Gary Chambers outlines why huge controversy will work against Warrington Wolves against St Helens

This weekend Warrington Wolves are looking to dethrone St Helens after their near 1450 days as Champions and book a semi-final against Wigan Warriors.

Ahead of this game interim Warrington boss Gary Chambers spoke to Serious About Rugby League about the game.

The Wolves boss gave an update on the health of his squad aside from Josh Thewlis: “Yeah not bad, quite healthy, we’ll get a better understanding tomorrow, but first looks today, yeah pretty good.”

On facing the Champions, Chambers said: “Yeah we got a really tough game this week, they’re really really physical, skilful, very, very good team. It’s going to be a tough game.”

He has been impressed by the character of his side lately:

“Well we’ve been competitive the last six weeks. Whoever we’ve gone up against, it’s been a tough game.

“We’ve just got to keep repeating that. In these sort of games, in play-off games, if you can be competitive then anything can happen.

“Yeah, just little bits. We’re trying to play a different way and build a different way and it’s still very much a work in progress on that.

“So it’s small steps, a little bit at a time and then hopefully we get it right at the right time but that’s to be seen, you just don’t know what’s going to happen on the day to day.”

He also spoke about Paul Vaughan’s controversial suspension:

“Massive, I’ve said before, what Paul gives you is probably around 60 minutes of quality work and you know for a big man that’s that’s what you need.

“You can leave players out there for a long time but sometimes because of the nature of the game it isn’t always quality and it’s not fair on them.

“With Paul you’re guaranteed 50, 60 maybe even more minutes of real quality work and that’s tough to replace that.

“Jimmy Harrison’s been incredible and Thomas Mikaele with their performances and then you bring Joe Philbin in there, he’s been fantastic.

“Obviously Jordan Crowther, when he started with us he just gets better and better and then we’ve got some guys now who are just coming back into a bit of fitness. Joe Bullock’s been out injured he’ll improve with that as well.”