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Former Hull FC stalwart questions the current quality of Super League

Ex-Super League star Chris Green believes the quality of the competition could be better, with a special focus on how more superstar players can be brought through the ranks.

The number of kids playing rugby league has dropped with participation in Rugby League a worrying issue, the primary cause being due to safety rules in tackles at grassroots level and in schools.

Former Hull FC man Chris Green has spoken to Serious about Rugby League on how participation has changed and the need for more superstars in the game.

“The way I grew up watching Rugby League, you had a lot of star names and a lot of publicity around the games in terms of how it presented itself with heroes of the games and big characters,” Green told Serious About Rugby League, adding: “I believe that has changed a lot over the years.”

Having superstars could be the key for Rugby League to grow as a sport, Green highlighting that the number of major names have dropped and as such the interest at grassroots has followed.

He explained: “Kids want to grow up to watch and play the game their heroes are playing. To keep the interest at the grassroots level, we need to have that David Beckham sort of role, and I just feel that the game has lost that over the last five years.”

Rugby League has constantly been changing its rules. With the game continuously evolving and becoming much more tactical, it could be another sign of restricting players’ quality due to how the manager wants them to play for the team.

That’s even something that affects those in the professional ranks with the former Hull FC man recalling his time in the game, relative to what has happened over the last four to five years.

Green noted: “When I started, certainly between 2011-2016, there weren’t many rule changes. The game was very similar back then and was a great product. But, on the field, there has been a fair bit of tinkering, rightly in some cases, such as concussion, which is a big issue at the moment, so I agree with changing the rules around that. Still, I think consistency for fans and players to be changing the rules a fair amount and getting scrutiny about the changes in the media doesn’t help the game.”

He also revealed his views on how the game has become too tactical, whilst also giving thoughts on how IMG will impact the game moving forward explaining that a change was needed.

Green says: “It needed a change; whether it the right or wrong decision, we’ll soon find out. I hope the fans will stick through it all and be there like they have been throughout the years before because, ultimately, they are the game; there wouldn’t be a professional game without them.

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