Ex-St Helens star reveals pre-season horrors as he has say on what Hull FC need to improve and Saints’ WCC hopes

Jamie Foster has played in the biggest games in rugby league including the St Helens-Wigan derby, the Hull derby and of course the 2011 Grand Final.

To get that stage he had to do plenty of hard work in pre-seasons which is what plenty of star players are undergoing right now.

So, Foster has taken to Twitter to explain the horror of pre-season for players: “You would meet here at six in the morning, you’d split into three groups: top, middle and bottom. Normally I was in the top because that was the fastest ones, the outside backs, the ones supposed to be fittest and fastest so I was always up with those who were really fit and fast, the pace was Mo Farah straight away pretty much.

“It was so tough, people being sick, people fainting, pushing yourself to the maximum.”

Foster has also had his saw on whether St Helens starting their season in Australia is a disadvantage: “Not ideal but if you want to go down as a great team……then you’ve gotta do great things. And going all that way and beating there best is a great achievement.”

He doesn’t think the Saints will be able to beat Penrith Panthers in the World Club Challenge and believes a similar fate awaits England in the World Cup: “I think saints get beat down under by 8 and Aussies beat England 22 – 20 in the world cup final.”

Foster also spent time at Hull FC on loan during his career and he spoke about what he thinks his former club need to do in the future: “I always want them to do well I just think they seem to get rolled over to easy in some games. They need to be aggressive up the middle for a start and start bullying teams to have a chance.”

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