Ex-official calls out fans for “double standards” and defends officials refereeing their home town teams

It’s safe to say some Hull KR fans weren’t happy with the officials last night.

As Jack Smith, who has been one of the top officials in Super League in 2023, came in for criticism from some fans, former official Ian Smith leapt to his defence.

For starters he called out fans’ “double standards” for focusing on the officials rather than the errors their own team made.

“Hull KR let in three long range tries, missed a drop goal from in front of the posts and apparently it’s the ref who robbed them because he didn’t give a six again. Double standards in my opinion,” he said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, as some fans questioned whether Smith should officiate a game with Wigan given he is from the area, Smith defended this saying that officials are professionals and not cheats.

He said: “No problem at all regarding refs refing their home town because they aren’t cheats. Momentum is a law of physics so yes it’s still a thing and always will be.”

A strong defence from Smith and the kind of thing we all need to be reminded of now and again.

After all, there is no game without officials.

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