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Eddie Hearn suggests rugby league and rugby union rivalry is one sided

This week a lot has been made about Eddie Hearn and rugby league.

Hearn nearly got involved in rugby league in the past but said on The Good, The Bad and the Rugby that rugby league is “absolutely bang in trouble.”

Predominately a rugby union YouTube Channel, Hearn asked two ex-Union players if they dislike league: “Out of interest when you look at league do you dislike league?

James Haskell answered: “No, no, no, no, no. We’re interested because in rugby we were competitors on the field but we didn’t have the tribalism that fans have.

“Fans worry about s**t that we don’t care about, League though we’re not in competition with. I love the League guys, I think the way they play is amazing.

“We both got to know Sam Burgess very well, who’s a big star in League over here and then went over to Australia. He got to play with the England team.

Mike Tindall then chipped in: “You talk about fame, when Russell Crowe signs you and loves you and makes a documentary about you. Those brothers are just something else.”

It was this that led Hearn to suggest the tribalism between rugby league and rugby union is one sided coming from rugby league rather than union.

He said: “That tribalism exists much more in leagues through the clubs right?”

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