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Campbell launches scathing attack on RFL, says Featherstone should be Super League’s 12th team

Featherstone Rovers chairman Mark Campbell has issued a statement following Super League’s decision not to readmit Toronto Wolfpack for the 2021 season.

The Canadian outfit withdrew from the current Super League campaign due to financial problems and clubs voted 9-4 against their inclusion in next year’s competition on Monday afternoon.

It leaves the Super League Board with a decision to make on who, if anyone, will fill the vacant 12th spot next season, with a meeting taking place today to discuss the matter further.

If clubs decide there should be another team in 2021 then Featherstone, who lost last year’s Million Pound Game to Toronto, will be one of the leading contenders.

Speaking on the matter, Campbell has gone into detail on the major issues in rugby league and why he believes Rovers have earnt the right to be in Super League.

Campbell’s statement reads: “First of all, we are extremely disappointed to see this unfortunate situation happen with the Toronto Wolfpack, we feel it’s a missed opportunity for rugby league and we hope that when the world gets over this pandemic they can rise again stronger.

“Everyone at Featherstone thoroughly enjoyed our encounters with Toronto over the previous two years and nobody wants to see this happen to any club.

“Unfortunately, this outcome is the product of a self-interested league and a toothless governing body which is powered by the clubs within it, and the sport is currently at risk at being dictated by its elite sides, closing the doors to ambitious clubs at other levels.

“Two years ago, when the Super League broke away from the RFL, we as a club, fought tooth and nail for the RFL to keep their power as it was obvious to everyone in the game what would happen once the power was handed to the individual clubs and not the governing body.

“The RFL, were at the time, architects in their own demise as they manipulated and bullied clubs to vote in favour of Super League, we expressed our concerns at the time, and these concerns have been proven to be true with this week’s vote.

“I find it disturbing that the sport has found itself in a position where the RFL – the sport’s governing body, has the same voting power as just one Super League club, how can the game grow with this unjustifiable system of clubs having the power to determine the other club’s futures and the format of our elite competition.

“I sincerely hope that the correct decision is made, the game needs to retain its integrity and ensure a 12-team Super League will start in 2021, if the clubs vote for an 11-team competition this will be another nail in the rugby league coffin, which will result in more and more supporters walking away from the game in a year we should all be looking forward to, especially with the UK hosting the upcoming World Cup.

“It seems that a majority of the current 11 Super League sides primary focus lies with safeguarding their own central distribution, and although adding a 12th side to the league would preserve the integrity of the division, it would mean these clubs having to share income with a new side, if this is their priority the game is at a very low point.

“If the Super League is to become an 11 team division for 2021, it shows that the RFL holds little influence over the teams currently still in the Super League, who can feel free to act in their own self-interest and refuse a 12th participant to cement their place in the elite competition for another year without the risk of relegation, despite the TV contract for a 12-team competition.

“We hope that the Super League sides, alongside the RFL, come up with the correct decision and show some leadership, by ensuring a 12th team competes in the 2021 Super League, whoever that may be.

“Promotion to Super League should be decided on the pitch and not in a board room. On that basis, Featherstone Rovers has earnt the right to be the 12th team in the 2021 Super League season.”

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