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Burgess chokes out former soldier after being taken ‘hostage’

There’s been no shortage of news about Sam Burgess in the past year or so, but having checked himself into rehab, the former South Sydney powerhouse is starting afresh.

That turning over a new leaf involved taking part in the SAS show on the Australian Channel Seven, which tests people on their strength of character.

However, Burgess even took the SAS by surprise, following a makeshift ‘hostage’ situation. He and six seven other ‘hostages’ were in a car travelling at 100km/h being driven by two former SAS soldiers.

That exercise was designed to see who would take control and set the hostages free and guess who stepped up? – Sam.

Fox Sports has revealed that Burgess reached over to put one of the soldiers in a head lock, before climbing in to the driver’s seat and taking control of the wheel.

Burgess had, in fact, done so much damage that had an ambulance had to be called.

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