Australian fans rage over “illegal” tackle from St Helens that went unpunished

St Helens stunned Australia yesterday when they defeated NRL Champions Penrith Panthers 13-12 in the World Club Challenge to be crowned Champions of the World after being well and truly written off.

The bookies gave them a 24 point start and it was believed by all that they would not be able to defeat the back-to-back NRL Champions.

However, a stunning first half left them 10-0 up and in the second half they nudged 12-0 ahead.

Penrith did peg them back but the Saints found a winning point in extra time with Lewis Dodd nailing a drop goal.

Some of Australia have been gracious in defeat but some felt that the Saints were helped along to victory.

As the the brilliant NRL Physio Twitter page identified a knee injury for Penrith winger Taylan May in the game, many expressed that they felt it should have been a penalty.

One of those was the always outspoken League Freak who bemoaned that it “happened a few times.”

He said on Twitter: “Illegal tackle. Wasn’t penalise. Happened a few times.”

Others described it as “a bad one.”

Whilst another referenced the tackle that caused Tyrone May to suffer a dislocated hip in the Rugby League World Cup.

Others suggested that it was worthy of a ban.

Whilst others continued to reiterate that they felt it was a bad tackle.

Naturally, the words “cannon ball” also made an appearance:

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1 month ago

Not the best match of the day, conditions, some very questionable referee rulings, and clear offences committed which he missed! Fans who have never liked extra time, will still feel the same way! It did not win St Helens the £100,000 prize, and if justice is done, one of their players will be facing a serious suspension. I don’t think unfortunately Australia took the visit serious, and loyal Saints fans will be very happy, one sent me a text before half-time, are you watching Saints on Channel 4 (which I was, rather than Sky wet commentary) we are Thrashing the Aussies! I just smiled and never responded.