“A number” of Hull FC players keen on interesting career path after their playing days as club announces exciting partnership

Hull FC have announced an exciting new partnership with Humberside Police.

The partnership is designed to support players when their time in the game comes to an end and give them a potential career path.

Thus the initiative will centre around the young players who don’t make it as professionals at the club as well as those at the club reaching retirement age and considering their next career move,

The partnership is being spearheaded by Inspector Dave Dosdale who is keen on supporting young players who suffer the disappointment of being let go by the club as well as helping the veterans find a career outside of the sport.

He said to the club’s website: “A lot of them are very much the sort of people who we would be interested in – they’re disciplined, they’re fit, they’ve got a team ethic and the vast majority of them would integrate well into the police.

“Some of the younger players are obviously hoping to make it as professional rugby players, but the some of them won’t and it’s about supporting them to deal with that disappointment,.

“I’ve also been talking to players coming towards the end of their playing careers, as some of them are wondering what they’re going to do next.

“There are a number of individuals I’m talking to who are interested. It helps them, career-wise, and it helps us in terms of bringing people into the organisation who would be a good fit.

“We have quite a young workforce when it comes to frontline officers, so we’d also like to attract people who have a bit more life experience as well. I didn’t join the police until I was 35, so I can speak from experience.”

So, could we see the likes of Danny Houghton swap chasing down attackers to chasing down criminals – not too dissimilar to the Lebanon World Cup squad who pulled off a citizens arrest last week – once they hang up their playing boots.

It seems that Hull FC have done a brilliant job in providing players with another option when their careers come to a close.

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