Warrington Wolves fans urge star signing to be the club’s new captain in 2023

In a fan’s forum that was recorded for the Warrington Wolves’ Official Podcast new signing Josh McGuire was asked directly if he’d take on the role of captain.

The Wire are without a skipper after Jack Hughes left to join Leigh Leopards and McGuire certainly brings plenty of experience having been a World Cup winner in 2017 with Australia and also recording over 250 NRL appearances.

With questions open to the floor, one fan asked: “Have you decided who is going to be the club captain, would Josh like to be that?”

It was a question that shocked the panel of McGuire, Matty Nicholson and Chief Executive Karl Fitzpatrick but McGuire took the lead.

“Are you giving me the job?” McGuire joked. “It’s not my place to say, we’ve got some really good leaders at this club. Stef (Stefan Ratchford) and Clarkey (Daryl Clark) have both been at this club a long time.

“I think being a leader of this club is not about having a C next to your name, it’s about what you produce on the football field and the standards you drive in training.

“It’s not a conversation I’ve had with coach (Daryl Powell) or anything like that at all. I’m not opposed to it, I’d relish the opportunity.

“But I didn’t come here to be a captain, I came here to lead on the football field and graft away with the lads and really drive standards.”

McGuire will likely find himself as part of Daryl Powell’s leadership circle, even if he’s not the official captain. However, he didn’t completely close the door on the issue and we could well see him lead the Wire out in the 2023 season.

“I’d be forever indebted, privileged and honoured if i got the opportunity to do that at this club,” he explained, before quickly shifting tact to pre-season focus.

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