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Tony Smith opens up on Neil Hudgell’s departure from Hull KR

Hull KR coach Tony Smith has opened up on Neil Hudgell’s exit from the club.

Hudgell has been owner of the Robins since 2004 but made the shock decision to step down earlier this week, claiming he could no longer do the role justice.

However, Smith has gone further to explain his exit citing financial challenges and the way the sport is being run.

Smith said: “Neil Hudgell leaving is absolutely understandable. It is difficult to accept as well as he is part of the reason why I am at this club.

“I have liked and admired him for a long time. He speaks honestly and is very loyal to his club. It has got to the point that I can tell he is tired.

“I could see him getting disillusioned with some stuff through these challenging times.

“Some things that have been out of our control, such as the pandemic and things you could never have imagined that have tested us.

“Then there have been things that are in our control, such as the way our sport is administrated.

“Some of the goings on, such as putting a club back into the competition next year who opted out and have not paid players for months on end.

Toronto Wolfpack withdrew from the 2020 season in July. Credit: News Images

“We are about to make a decision and it is looking like we will put them back into the competition.

“It has been things like that, which have been very puzzling. There are some young people who have not been paid for several months yet we are considering putting them back into the Super League.

“It makes you scratch your head about a lot of things. I do completely understand where he is coming from. I totally support his decision.

“We are going to miss him but it is time for him to go and enjoy parts of life he has deserved to enjoy.

“I am sure he will enjoy watching us become successful in the future. We just have to find the right investors to come in and help with that next step.

“We think there is a bright future ahead for us here. We will work hard in order to help make it happen.”

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