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Opinion: Stage the Super League Grand Final at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Recent reports have suggested the Challenge Cup Final could be switched to Old Trafford on October 10, with the Super League Grand Final then pushed back to November 14 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The Rugby Football League already has both stadiums booked for the above dates, allowing the season to be extended by a month, keeping our major finals at two fantastic stadiums in the process.

Now these circumstances are definitely not ideal but the prospect of a Grand Final at a new venue certainly intrigues me. Although we would lose a day out at Wembley, it gives the season a fresh look and perhaps offers the best chance of a new Super League winner. For a long time many have complained about the fact only four teams have been crowned Super League champions, with Leeds the newest name on the trophy all the way back in 2004 – the first of eight titles in a golden generation of success that followed for the Rhinos.

There is no question the competition needs a different look and this could be the chance. A new venue for the season’s finale brings unfamiliarity, even for those more experienced sides, creating a level playing field. For teams like Castleford, Hull FC and Warrington, the Grand Final becomes less daunting and a place where they can express themselves and finally lift that famous trophy. This could make for one of the most exciting climaxes to a season we have ever seen.

Just as the possibility of a new winner would help our superb sport, the fact that the stadium could carry our game to a new audience would no doubt be beneficial. Spurs’ new stadium has already got a proven track record of making huge spectacles of other sports other than football, given the success they achieved with the NFL in 2019. They could do the same for Super League and the locals may be attracted by the opportunity to watch our season finale on their doorstep. Also, a new stadium for our showpiece event of the season would likely create intrigue across the sporting world, meaning more eyes on the Grand Final than usual.

The Super League Grand Final could be played at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in November.

These are dark and uncertain times, but as a sport we need to show defiance in the face of adversity and this wouldn’t be a bad start. The venue is arguably the most attractive modern stadium in the world and to have domestic rugby league there would be a great look for Super League and could really enhance the brand. If it’s a huge success, who knows, it could be the start of something special for our competition and a new beginning out of these dark times.

So a Grand Final at Tottenham’s new ground is a brilliant prospect, all things considered, and could be an added incentive for our players. It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art stadium and watching the two best teams in this year’s Super League battle it out there would be a sight to behold. We often complain our game has become stale, predictable and a new look is needed; well this could be the perfect chance.

The heart grows fonder when something is taken away and supporters will be craving the action and atmosphere of a huge rugby league occasion when the sport returns. So with a bigger appetite, there is no doubt fans will jump at the chance to travel down south and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium would be the perfect location.

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