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“Sam Tomkins is…” – Leeds Rhinos boss responds to controversial Tomkins comments

Leeds Rhinos Head coach Rohan Smith and Sam Tomkins

Leeds Rhinos star James Bentley was in the thick of it as Leeds defeated Catalans Dragons in Round Three of the Betfred Super League.

There were arguments from some that he should have been carded after an incident with Tariq Sims.

After the game, Rohan Smith was seen on Sky Sports talking to him prompting Sam Tomkins to say:

“I think he’s saying you’re a very lucky man. He shouldn’t have been on the field. A clear elbow to someone’s head. I don’t know what the referees were thinking in saying that was a play on.

“So yeah, I imagine Rohan Smith’s saying, ‘You got lucky, don’t do it again.’

“I think for every good thing he does, he something stupid. I think that’s his issue. He’s not got consistency. It’s not what he does when he’s got the ball in hand. It’s just that he has these brain explosions regularly.

“He’s a decent player. He’s not outstanding or a real top end player, but he comes up with too many daft things.”

Leeds Rhinos boss responds to comments

After the game Rohan Smith praised James Bentley’s performance in the won over Catalans: “I thought he had a good game. He had a few moments, of course, which most will when they play that much game time. I thought he competed well and there was a few scuffles or whatever going on but that’s just rugby league and people do enjoy seeing a little bit of that and there’s no punches or any carry-on so a bit of push and shove should be expected in a combat sport.”

He was asked about Tomkins’ comments and he said: “Sam Tomkins is of the best players that Super League has seen and a very, very smart footy player so everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Everyone in the South Stand has an opinion so that’s all good. That’s what makes sport and life great. Everyone’s got a different take on things. I won’t watch the first game, I don’t think, but… Because we played a day game, I reckon I’ll be in bed by that.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Andy

    March 3, 2024 at 7:22 pm

    Come on Sam,in your playing time,someone puts a cheap one on you in the tackle and you let it go,the Sims are and were renowned forit,then a player tries to put you into the hoardings,you gonna react,Bentley plays on the edge but he remi ds me of Bateman,we have to wait and see but careful with your words because you were not a Saint,🤣

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