Kevin Brown and John Kear have their say Shaun Wane decision

This week it was confirmed that Shaun Wane would be staying on as England coach until the next World Cup after a review into what went wrong in the last World Cup.

Speaking on the BBC 5 Live Podcast, Kevin Brown had his say on the decision to keep Shaun Wane on as England coach.

When asked if he was surprised, he said: “A little bit. There was quite a bit of speculation that it would get changed. Personally I’m quite happy with the coach but I just think the build-up (to World Cup 2025) is sub-standard for international rugby.

“I think playing mid-season games against exiles isn’t a test match, playing mid-season games against France isn’t enough of a test. You go into that game knowing you’re going to win.

“What should be changed isn’t the coach, I think Shaun Wane is a fantastic coach and overall the best coach for the job. We need to build that international calendar, get some of the real tough teams over, get the England lads out of their comfort zone a couple more times a year and build on that.”

Meanwhile, Wales coach John Kear said he felt it was the right decision: “I think it’s the right decision, simple as that. He’ll carry the experience he’s had and learn from any mistakes he’s made, so preparation for the 2025 World Cup in France will obviously be better from Shaun’s point of view. He’s certainly got the backing of the players.

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