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Featherstone take the mick out of Kyle Amor after recent comments

Every team in rugby league seems to do this, but neither Jon Wilkin nor Kyle Amor are fans of it.

The duo are both former St Helens players and in their time at Saints reached the pinnacle winning the Grand Final.

Victory is the be all and end all in rugby league, in sport in general but their is one aspect of winning that neither Amor nor Wilkin like.

That is the team victory songs the teams sing.

This came on The Bench podcast with Amor discussing something in the sport to move ‘onto the bench’ and remove from the game and Amor said: “My ‘onto the bench’ would be the team victory song’, I hate it. Hate it.”

Wilkin echoed this sentiment : “I hate it”

Amor: “You’ve got a bunch of grown men and somebody bangs a metal container and they bang and sing like an under 11’s team.

Wilkin then told his own story: “Can I tell you a funny story about this? In Toronto we had a team song and it culminated in Adam Sidlow, who’s now at Salford, he’s in the middle. Bare in mind I’m 40-years-old, we all had to go ‘the big bad Sid, the big bad Sid’

“Sidlow stands up and goes ‘Louder’ and we had to repeat it and it was that embarrassing that my testicles went from here to up into my throat.

Amor then admitted that he has hated it for years: “I just hate it, I just sit there and tap something on the side as if you’re involved. I’ve hated it for years and not really mentioned so I’m glad we’ve mentioned it. If any of my teammates at Widnes see my not joining in then now they know why.

“I like winning but I find the song very childish, and then they all go ‘wooo’ at the end of it.”

Since making those comments, Brian Carney has made a few subtle digs when Sky Sports have shown these moments in the dressing rooms.

But now Featherstone have also taken the mick when sharing their team song today after victory over Swinton Lions.

They shared it with the line “sorry in advance Kyle Amor.”

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