Ex-Hull KR star expresses worries over salary cap as it could end players’ careers

The salary cap in Australia is currently making headlines, especially for NRL teams.

But it could be even more damaging for NRLW teams according to the Mole of Wide World of Sports who has revealed the salary cap situation for the women’s teams is far worse with players fearing it could end their careers.

“We are doing contact training but are not on contract,” one leading NRLW player said to the mole.

“If I do my ACL, it could be the end of my career and I have no financial security.

“It’s a real worry.”

There are four new NRLW clubs for next season – the Cowboys, Tigers, Sharks and Raiders – and it is even worse for them as they strive to build squads for the new season.

“We can’t sign players while everyone is dragging their heels over the salary cap,” one coach said.

“We cannot get players to commit – and I don’t blame them when we can’t make proper offers to them.”

Former Hull KR star Clint Newton is at the heart of this as president of the players association (RLPA) and he also highlighted the worries women are facing.

“It’s an ongoing process and we had another meeting last week,” Newton said.

“The women who played in the World Cup put their next season at risk because they are uncontracted so it’s not ideal.

“We are aware of their plight and hopefully can resolve something soon.”

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