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‘Euros competition’ to be created for 2024 off-season as part of international shake-up

It’s been announced today that Samoa will re-engage with England in talks about touring in autumn of 2024, however the statement from International Rugby League has also let slip that a possible ‘Euros competition’ could be coming as well.

When Samoa pulled out of the proposed tour of England it left huge question marks over what England would do at the end of the 2024 domestic season, with the likes of fellow federation nations such as France, Ireland, Wales and Scotland a handful of teams available.

Now that the talks for Samoa and England have been re-opened it’s also been confirmed by International Rugby League, headed up by Troy Grant, that European Rugby League will be looking to host a ‘Euros competition’ that will run alongside the Samoan tour.

Today’s statement from the IRL focused a lot on the re-opening of talks between Samoa and England of course, but it also identified what the international calendar could look like in general going forward.

It was one paragraph within the statement that confirmed the news of this European competition, something that fans of the home nations could get massively excited for.

It read: “The European Rugby League is working on a Euros competition to coincide with the desired Samoan tour to England, giving the Northern Hemisphere the most international content in recent memory at the end of next season.”

Which teams would be involved is a mystery at the moment, as is the format, but the promise of “the most international content in recent memory” is incredibly exciting for fans.

The end of season internationals from this past season didn’t see the other home nations competing but instead European action came from Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Greece and there’s even a scheduled game between France and Kenya to come in December.

If there’s instead a true tournament to look forward to then it would be a major change in the calendar and serve to mark as the start of what looks to be the most packed out international schedule in memory.

That’s because the IRL statement once again confirmed the intent for England to head to Australia to compete in the Ashes in 2025, bringing back the popular format for the first time since 2003.

In turn Samoa would re-join the Pacific Championship, which they’ve just contested alongside New Zealand and Australia, and in which Tonga will replace them for the 2024 edition.

It’s a hugely exciting update for both England fans, who will hopefully get to see Shaun Wane’s men avenge their World Cup semi-final defeat, and for other European rugby league fans be they, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French or even potentially from elsewhere on the continent.

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