Barrie McDermott explains why Leeds Rhinos suffered surprise loss to Castleford

On Friday night Leeds Rhinos lost a game that they really should have won as they went down to the previously winless Castleford Tigers having won the last two games themselves including against Champions St Helens.

It left many people scratching their heads about what went wrong for the Rhinos.

Speaking after the game, former Rhino Barrie McDermott explained the difference between the two sides on the night.

He said on Sky Sports:

“Cas celebrated every victory, in attack but also defence. Their attitude to defence was brilliant.

“The Rhinos made far too many fundamental errors, basic errors that don’t require fitness, technique, skill or ability.

“There was just a lack of attention to detail. The Rhinos were way off tonight.

“They wanted it, they have worked for it and they have beaten Leeds Rhinos.”

He went on to elaborate on the shortcomings of Leeds’ display:

“To fix games like that you need composure.

“They were rattled from the start, I thought their attack lacked energy and they lacked intensity.

“The structure was hard to decipher.

“They didn’t deserve to win that game.”

He also specifically focused upon Leeds’ errors at the play the ball:

“The first thing you are taught is how to play the ball. I think Leeds were thinking two or three steps ahead that allowed them to lose basic composure.”

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