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“Absolute joke” – Castleford Tigers fans furious with IMG appeal as they fear relegation

Castleford Tigers’ appeal of their IMG score has finally been heard with the RFL publishing their verdict.

The Tigers appealed the score owing to errors made on both sides in their estimation. The RFL declined the appeal however despite underlining their sympathy for the club.

The Tigers accepted this verdict saying that they had been informed that their score would have been 12.91 without these errors.

This, however, has done little to appease Castleford Tigers fans who are now fearing relegation if the same happened again next year with many supporters taking to social media to vent their frustrations.

One fan said: “As expected but this whole farce highlights the fact that mistakes were made. Can we please make sure there aren’t any next year when it counts!”

Another added: “For the proper submission, please PLEASE make sure that everything is correct and triple checked.”

And this theme continued, with another saying: “‘No we won’t change this absolutely meaningless number, but yeah it’ll be 12.91 next year.’ So, the indicative score isn’t indicative of our actual score!”

Meanwhile, this fan simply added: “So don’t trot out the excuses then, Admit mistakes and do better.”

More fans continued this concern: “Thankfully this is of no real significance. The takeaway being – when submitting the info next time make sure it’s accurate as you can only control that aspect.”

This fan said: “Surely it should’ve been thoroughly checked before submission.”

Meanwhile, one supporter felt that it was a waste of time: “What was the point in appealing when we knew it was indicative grade so didn’t really matter and we also knew the actual grading regardless? Waste of everyone’s time and makes us look daft in my opinion.”

Unsurprisingly, the RFL received heavy criticism after promising it would have the appeal done in days not weeks: “Said it would take days and it took weeks and then after all that time the RFL do nothing. Waste of time.”

This fan said: “47 days for that. Bravo, Should’ve taken two days. Absolute joke.”

Time will tell if the Tigers are able to secure enough points to keep their Super League status next year.

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