Super League coach confirms “announcements” will come soon as some “negotiations” are complete

Leeds Rhinos boss Rohan Smith has confirmed that some of the club’s out of contract players have signed new deals with the club.

Speaking today, Smith said that announcements will come in time whilst other players are still negotiating.

Smith said: “All players that are off contract could potentially stay. Some of those will be staying and will be announced in time. Some of those are works in progress as well that are ongoing sort of negotiations. So when there is one, we’ll be getting it out there.”

When asked if every out of contract player was offered a renewal, he said: “I’m not going to make comment around whether they’ve had an offer or not. We’re talking to and have spoken to all those players. That’s just a process that will take time in each individual case.

He also addressed whether it is a distraction for his players:

“It can be for an individual. I think a lot of players that are seasoned veterans have been in the position multiple times during their career where they’ve been off contract, contract so perhaps they’re familiar with it. Sometimes for younger players it’s more of a challenge and I think it seems like in the UK that a lot of young players sign quickly after May 1st because they just want to get it done.

“But that’s the system that Rugby League has created for itself where it does dealings publicly in the middle of a season. It’s a distraction to the fans, it’s a distraction to people viewing the games because we’re here talking about 2024 when we’re only halfway through 2023. I understand people are interested and it’s newsworthy but at the same time it’s a distraction from the present moment.”