Huge update on rugby league’s next TV deal

There are concerns about the future of rugby league and the next TV deal.

Sky Sports, Channel 4 and Viaplay’s TV deals all expire in 2023 with BBC set to follow in 2024.

Now RL Commercial’s Rhodri Jones has given an update.

“Next two to three weeks I would say and then after that we can then develop the calendar four to six weeks hopefully,” he said on BBC Five Live.

“We’ve got multiple broadcasters interested.”

Asked if there will be an increase in broadcast revenue, Jones said: “We’ll have to see where we land.”

“I think on the Broadcast deal, we’ve been so reliant on one number coming from one broadcaster.

“Yourselves, Channel 4 have now come into the mix. We’re one of very few sports competitions that don’t stream every game.

“I think the mix of the broadcast platform for us going forward is going to look different. So maybe less emphasis on that one number that we get from the main broadcaster and maybe the culmination of the total means that we come out in a better position.”

Jones underlined his excitement: “I think there’s huge opportunity. I think there’s absolutely huge opportunity.

“There are some tough decisions to make, hence why Rugby League Commercial was formed, hence bringing IMG into the sport as our strategic partnership. But there is a way forward in this, you’re right, we are far, far too quickly to bash ourselves.

“No other sport can do this weekend and we must take immense pride from that. The fans have enjoyed it, the players enjoy it, you’ve played in a magic weekend, you can attest to that.”