Zak Hardaker’s honest opinion on Leigh Leopards kits

Zak Hardaker was one of Leigh Leopards’ major new signings as the club completed its rebrand from the Leigh Centurions.

Now Hardaker has given his honest opinion of the man who financed his move but also masterminded the rebrand: Derek Beaumont.

“He’s a crazy bloke but someone who we all relate to. He’s a cracking bloke, wears his heart on his sleeve and pumps his own money into it which these other big clubs do, but they obviously get quite a lot of sponsorship money as well,” Hardaker said on the Fully Game YouTube Channel.

He went on to talk about the rebrand itself:

“He’s mad on animals, he’s got a safari park in Africa. He’s nuts, he’s crackers but he’s a lovely bloke but I think his favourite things are leopards.

“So Leigh Centurions have been up and down Super League over the last 10 years I think because they had such a good year and made it to Super League he wanted to make a really good push of it. So he wanted to rebrand to Leigh Leopards for the first year in Super League and to hopefully stay in Super League, then make top six or top four whatever we might do this year. He wanted it completely different and he didn’t want it to be Centurions anymore.

“Along with his craziness of leopards and animals and his animal park in South Africa this rebrand has come about. We were just like ‘yeah let’s go for it’ and the t-shirts and stuff was a bit whacky at first but you’re used to it now.”

Hardaker then added that he doesn’t feel the kit is as bad as some people think:

“The kits not as bad as you think, looking at a picture it looks quite bad but when it’s on it’s not too bad.”

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