Zak Hardaker’s future ‘up in the air’ as new twist develops

Zak Hardaker could still be on his way out of Wigan.

That’s according to a live question and answer session with the Manchester Evening News.

One Twitter user asked: “Any truth in the Hardaker back to Cas rumours?”

That was responded to with a great deal of honesty: “Kris Radlinski was very honest when he called it a ‘live’ situation. Truth is this, Hardaker’s future is up in the air. There’s plenty of moving parts that will determine where he stays, goes and in fact, where he goes.”

The Wigan club had held a fans’ forum in August where General Manager Radlinski had explained how the Warriors were in charge of the situation, but that things could change.

“This is a very live situation over the last week, with my last meeting with him this morning and we’re just talking it through. I made it very clear that everything’s on Wigan’s terms here,” Radlinski said.

“The Club and me personally have invested a hell of a lot of time into Zak and we gave him an opportunity when nobody else would. Laying it all on the table, that’s where we are at the moment in time. And it’s very live.”

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