Zak Hardaker reveals ‘a couple of offers’ before he signed for Leeds Rhinos

Zak Hardaker’s exit from Wigan Warriors was surprising enough.

But, when the 30-year-old Pontefract man signed for Leeds Rhinos, that seemed to take the rugby league world by shock.

It was an exit from Leeds back in 2016 that seemed to have cut all ties between Hardaker and the Rhinos, but he is now back at Headingley and has revealed just how the move came about.

“Leeds wanting any player back at Leeds is unlikely but when I spoke to Gary and the coaches and they were keen for me to help them out, so I was really thrilled when I heard that Leeds were interested.

“I didn’t have anyone lined up at the time, but me and Wigan knew where we were going to go and that’s when I could put the feelers out.

“There were a couple of offers there at different clubs but Gary came in and expressed their interest.”

Hardaker hasn’t played for a number of weeks now and he is keen to go back to basics in order to thrive against Salford Red Devils on Sunday afternoon.

“I’m really excited, but I’ve got a job to do and I’ve got to keep it simple.

“I’ve not played for a few weeks and I’m just going to keep it simple.

“My effort won’t be questioned and I’m going to give it as good as I can be.”

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