Zak Hardaker opens up on current struggles

Zak Hardaker’s Wigan side fell to a 10-6 loss against Warrington at the Magic Weekend, but the star fullback believes him and his fellow teammates are ‘too good’ not to improve.

“It doesn’t feel like a mega defeat. I know we’ve lost, I’m disappointed in the result,” Hardaker told Wigan TV after the result.

“People might disagree but I thought we were the better team. It was a tough game, a tough arm wrestle. I’m really proud of the defensive aspect. The belief, the desire. Everyone ran for each other.

“If you look at the performance today and pick one out from a few weeks ago, it’s a totally different Wigan team – that’s the feeling we’ve got. We’re confident, even though today has not gone our way. We keep turning up for each other. It’s about execution and staying with each other.

“The points will come, we’ve got too many good players not to score points. The attacking game will come.”

Wigan are edging closer to that top six spot with just two games of the regular season remaining.

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Allan brown
Allan brown
1 year ago

Where has Zak got all his hair from ?