Zak Hardaker future update

Doing the rounds recently has been the rumour that Zak Hardaker could be leaving Wigan.

However, the Manchester Evening News has quelled such speculation on their live blog.

One Twitter user asked Rugby League Live if Hardaker to Castleford was on the cards – the club he was sacked from in early 2018 – but that was quickly shot down.

“Knew this would come up! As far as I’m aware, not right now. Hardaker is contracted to Wigan next season. He has suggested that he is now living back in Yorkshire. Could he look to move closer to home if so? We don’t know right now. To suggest Hardaker is going to Cas would be very, very, very premature,” said Rugby League Live.

Hardaker played 30 times for Castleford in a record-breaking season in 2017, but faced a drugs charge in the week leading up to the Grand Final.

The fullback/centre has since registered over 60 appearances for Wigan.

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