“You are just being a jerk” – pundit launches into fan following fiery debate

Rugby League pundit and journalist Phil ‘Gus’ Gould has blasted a fan on Twitter after having an argument over the latest concussion debate.

Veteran Steve Mortimer has been diagnosed with dementia this week and he was vocal about NRL chief executive Peter V’landys’ crackdown on high and late shots.

But, Gould, in the face of a barrage of criticism, took to Twitter to put forward the idea that there had been fear-mongering in the media surrounding the high shot debate.

Gould refused to back down, telling one person: “I’m not going to die on this or any other hill. I could quite likely die of dementia one day. My father did. His elder sisters did. I could well have a genetic predisposition to the disease.

“But if I get dementia, I won’t be blaming it on head knocks from playing football.”

Gould then expanded further, berating the Twitter challenger for claiming he was “supporting head knocks and concussions.”

“I’m simply balancing a lot of the hysteria and misinformation around head knocks and concussion. You are just being a jerk.”