Yellow card handed to St Helens’ Jack Welsby

There has been a huge debate about the increasing disciplinary clampdown in rugby league at present.

Well, St Helens have felt the full force of that with Jack Welsby being sent to the sinbin in just the seventh minute for booting away a loose ball.

But, there has also been an attempt by those involved in the clampdown to be more transparent.

As such, it was Operational Rules Tribunal Chair HHJ Roger Thomas QC who was present on the Sin Bin podcast last night alongside Rod Studd and Match Review Panel chief Paul Cullen.

And, Thomas was keen to quell any concerns that he doesn’t have the necessary experience to be able to decide on the major disciplinary issues in rugby league.

“It’s a case of evaluating the evidence and see where that takes you.

“I’ve had 30 years at the bar and 17 years sitting as a high court judge – I’ve never played rugby league, but I’ve played so many different sports.

“People say ‘what do you know about rugby league and who are you to judge a rugby league case?’

“But I’ve spent umpteen years trying murderers or rapists and I’ve never committed murder or rape.

“It’s not about being doing whatever the case is about, it’s about being able to evaluate the evidence and decide whether it’s conflicting evidence and where the balance of it lies.”

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