Writer could be about to start work on rugby league movie alongside ex-St Helens star

Former St Helens and Huddersfield Giants prop Keith Mason’s film that he stars in as the lead and produced it from scratch Imperative will come to the likes of Netflix in 2023 but Mason is about to star in another film.

“I’ve just landed another role in a film called The Chosen where I play a detective called Kevin O’Brien,” Mason said, “I fly to Canada to film for eight weeks and then to Ireland for four weeks. Another thriller where I play the lead again and it’s a much bigger budget than Imperative.

“He’s a Belfast detective and we’re going to Canada and then Northern Ireland and filming in June, July. We’ll be filming for about eight weeks in Toronto.”

As he spoke about the writer, Mason revealed the duo could be about to make a rugby league movie:

“The writer is Sean O’Neil, he’s a writer who has adapted the book to a film script and he also might be helping me write a rugby league movie as well.

“The script has already won international awards for best film scripts and we’re in negotiations with bringing Micky Rourke which would be the second film we’ve done together if he comes on board which is exciting.”

Rourke has starred in the likes of Sin City, The Wrestler and of course in the bid budget MCU in Ironman 2 back in 2010.

As for the writer Sean O’Neil, who could be penning a rugby league movie with Mason, you can read all about him here.

On O’Neil, Mason confirmed he is interested in writing a rugby league novel and potentially a film together in the future.

Mason won’t have trouble promoting the films with nearly a million followers on TikTok as well as a thriving Instagram page.

He has been on an incredible journey and it seems fans will be able to read all about as he prepares to write an autobiography:

“I’ve signed a book deal to do my autobiography and I’m going to start writing that in the next couple of weeks.”

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Bonnie.Jean Crawford
Bonnie.Jean Crawford
1 month ago

Athletes always have the best stories of perseverance . Congrats ..looking forward to The Chosen. Sounds like a great tapestry