Worrying update about French TV deal for Super League

There is a worrying update from French publication L’Independent today ahead of the Super League season.

They confirmed that there is no French television deal guaranteed with a difficulty with BeIN Sports at the moment.

It has also been revealed that the Dragons have been paying for the production of the coverage in the past.

The French publication said:

“Less than a week before the opening of the Super League season, no French television is guaranteed to take over the signal of Sky-Sports. The Catalans Dragons who negotiated live with BeIN SPORTS for the last three seasons.

“Dragons fans know the song. Every year at the same time it is the blur mixed with uncertainties. Since BeIN SPORTS decided to withdraw from negotiations at the end of the 2019 season, the game has been tight. For the past three seasons, the Dragons have always paid the production costs of the broadcasts to Gilbert-Brutus.

“That’s a little less than 20,000 euros per game, depending on the device. That is, five cameras with, a wide, a (shot) tight, two laptops and an axial on the roof of the pool, or in Puig-Aubert, a slow-motion machine and a synth to dress the production. By ensuring the guarantee of producing a dozen matches, negotiations can go down to 14-15,000 euros with production companies based on the other side of the border.”

This comes after RL Commercial confirmed they were hopeful of a French TV deal last week.

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