World Cup CEO confirms stance on replacing Ralph Rimmer & makes bold prediction about the future of the World Cup

For the first time in months, Jon Dutton can relax.

The Rugby League World Cup Chief Executive has overseen a superb tournament from start to finish even if England failed to win the men’s Rugby League World Cup Final like so many fans had hoped they would.

Outside of the England focus, it has been a superb tournament for growing the game with Samoa making it to a first ever World Cup Final, Greece and Jamaica making their debuts and growth in the women’s and wheelchair games.

Speaking on this, Dutton make a bold prediction about the next part of the world we will see catch the Rugby League World Cup bug.

“I think its immeasurable,” Dutton said of the impact on the sport on BBC, “We’ve just seen the first ever pacific nation play in World Cup Final, we just saw the rise of Tonga in 2017. For Greece and Jamaica their participation is much more than just the playing field.

“They can go back and talk to the governments and raise funds on the back of the visibility and the boosted profile from this tournament. I think they will be stronger in the years to come.

“I think we’ll see a West African team participate in the Rugby League World Cup in the future.”

Now that Dutton can move on from the World Cup, the question was asked if he could replace the departing Ralph Rimmer at the RFL.

Dutton confirmed his stance on this: “My hat won’t be in the ring for the Chief Executive role.”

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