World Cup 9’s key players

The World Cup 9’s is less than a week away and with the squads announced lets look at the key player from each side.

Australia: Ryan Papenhuyzen

“Pap” has displayed amazing speed in his first NRL season, an attribute that will only improve his performance in the world 9’s, anytime he gets the ball he’ll be dangerous.

Cook Islands: Alex Glenn

Not the traditional build of a 9’s player, however in a very inexperienced Cook Islands side Glenn brings a wealth of NRL experience that can only assist in his teammates’ confidence.

England: Ryan Hall

The Sydney Rooster hasn’t had the best start to life in the NRL, getting minimum game time due to an ACL injury, however back in the England setup with the 9’s format, Hall could find himself powering his way through defenders down his edge.

Fiji: Maika Sivo

Sivo’s play style of powering over defenders fits the 9’s format perfectly.

France: Alrix Da Costa

The Catalans hooker will provide direction for the French side and look to expose and take advantage of gaps in the shortened defence.

Lebanon: Reece Robinson

His vast experience in both league and Rugby will put Robinson in the Cedars’ lead role come the 9’s.

New Zealand: Charnze Nicole-Klokstad

RTS is a big omission for the Kiwis but after the season he’s had, CNK should fill in just nicely.

Papua New Guinea: Edene Gebbie

Debbie will have a big point to prove on this big stage ahead of his move to the Rabbitohs.

Samoa: Brian To’o

To’o’s 2019 was amazing and he will be getting plenty of ball for Samoa, when he gets a clean pair of heels their’s no stopping him.

Tonga: Robert Jennings

Jennings looks to find his 2018 form as he takes to the 9’s as the lead back five player for Tonga.

United States of America: Ronaldo Mulitalo

Not only will his professional Rugby League experience help, Mulitalo’s x factor displayed throughout 2019 will assists the US greatly.

Wales: Rhys Evans

Evans’ Super League and Welsh national team experience, along with an ability to score will assist Wales.

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