Woolf discusses Welsby’s future and gives update on Makinson injury

Jack Welsby has become one of the hottest young prospects in Super League, but has so far failed to nail down a regular position. That, according to Kristian Woolf, is about to change.

“He’s a kid who impressed me ever since I walked through the door; he just needed an opportunity to settle into the side and he would always get more confidence in doing that,” Woolf said.

“At the back end of last year he was able to do that and on the back of that he now understands that he’s a Super League player.

“He needs to be in the side every week and that’s certainly going to be the case if he continues playing like he is, especially as we’ve got some genuine competition and that brings the best out of everybody.

“I’ve had numerous conversations with Jack about where we will play him and developing the different skill sets, but at some stage in the very near future, we’re going to make a decision with him about where his position is so he can settle into one main role.”

There was another youngster that took to the field against Wakefield as Jake Wingfield came off the bench, and Woolf was more than happy with his performance.

“I was really happy for him and how he went, but the biggest compliment I can give Jake is how comfortable he looked on the field.

“He is a natural ball player and he added a bit to us when he came on; I was really happy with how he defended as well and I thought he did an outstanding job –  he looked like a Super League player that’s for sure.”

One star who won’t be playing this weekend against Huddersfield is Tommy Makinson.

“We took him off 10-15 minutes early last week because he had a foot injury.

“It’s not a bad injury at all and we expect him to back and fully fit next week.

“Tommy has been outstanding for us in the first four games; he’s in a real good mood and playing really well.”

Woolf will welcome back one forward though in the shape of Sione Mata’utia.

“Sione Mata’utia will come back in and that’s a real positive for us as he was our best player in the first two rounds.

“We will expect Mark Percival to play too, but if there’s anything that will give us a bit of a doubt then we’ll change that.

With the UK experiencing some better weather this week, Woolf was keen to stress just how important this change in climate has been for his side.

“As soon as the weather turns out like it has, the players can’t wait to get outside and start playing, so it’s been a great week or so in that sense.

“There’s a little bit more relaxation and things that the players can do away from footy and that’s a real positive.

“We’ve had to live this sort of lifestyle of being in a bubble of sorts, and whilst that is still the case, it’s just positive to be able to do a couple of different things aside from footy to take the pressure off and give you the chance to relax.”

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