With The Ashes gone, we can plan resumption

When the inevitable announcement came yesterday about the cancellation of The Ashes, for this year anyway, we can now get on with planning the resumption of the season.

Already, there are plans for football, snooker and Formula 1 to return to this country, but nothing concrete for rugby league yet.

Plans were leaked about a possible restart for August, but nothing concrete has been announced yet from the RFL.

Despite the announcement from the NRL that the State of Origin series would take place the same time as The Ashes, an announcement wasn’t made for a couple of weeks.

Hopefully, now that it is out that The Ashes will not be happening, work will now be going into the schedule sorted for the resumption of the season.

Sports were given the green light to resume behind closed doors from yesterday. Contact training was allowed from last week.

The RFL told Serious About RL last week clubs had been given the guidelines and discussions would be taking place regarding a return to training.

Fans that watched the return of the NRL over the weekend, could have seen a possible route forward. With crowd noise and cardboard cut outs, it is as close to a normal game as possible.

Clubs don’t miss out on as much matchday revenue, and you don’t get the eerie silences you get watching German Football at the moment.

In this country, Premier League Football returns on June 17, this will give the RFL a guide at how sport could look in the future.

Hopefully, rugby league fans can have something to look towards at the end of this year.

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