Win the NRL from 10th? Dramatic restructure set to be announced

The NRL are set to introduce radical changes to the play-off system from 2020.

Teams that finish seventh to tenth will compete against each other for the final two spots in the top eight, with the NRL calling it the wildcard round.

It means a team could end the regular season in the bottom half of the table but still become Premiers should they hit form at the business end of the season.

In a move that is sure to split opinion, the NRL are eager minimise dead rubbers in the run up to the finals and reward the top six teams with a week off.

Eighth will play ninth and seventh will play tenth for spots in the elimination finals, with NRL head of football Graham Annesley admitting the system could be deemed unfair.

“It’s probably not fair on the face of it, but in any finals system it’s not fair in itself,” Annesley told Fox Sports.

“Because you are playing a competition over four weeks involving eight teams where not everyone plays each other. All finals systems are inherently unfair to some degree.

“It’s all intended to try and maintain interest in the competition for the participants, for our fans and members and people who come through the gates each week.”

NRL CEO Todd Greenberg is expected to make the final decision on whether to go ahead with the changes or not, with an announcement expected in the next few months.