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Willie Poching reveals the impact of Chris Chester’s sacking on his players

chesterWillie Poching revealed in today’s pre-match conference that the Wakefield players and himself were completely shocked by the news of Chris Chester’s sacking.

And, the current interim boss has outlined that different players had different reactions to the news.

“I went to the gym on Monday and I got the news,” Poching said.

“That was a shock, but I wasn’t able to speak to him for a couple of hours and I was stewing in my head what had happened and what had gone on and all those sort of things go around in your mind.

“Chris (Chester) put us in the picture about what the club had decided to do and then I received a phone call from Michael (Carter – Trinity’s chairman) who told me the decision and why they had made it and they asked me to take the reins for the next little while.

“Everyone needed some time and space, it was just a time to reflect and find whatever head space they were in.

Poching added: “A few have struggled and it takes its toll on the group playing and staff wise.

“What I’ve asked them to do in training is to give all their time and focus out on the field and then try be around those that need it.

“Everyone has different relationships with coaches so some people take it differently to others, some needed a pat on the back and a bit more support and I was just trying to recognise who they were.”

Poching has also outlined his desire to coach Wakefield on a permanent basis given his history with the club.

“I’m immensely proud to be in charge and support such a historical club and a club that has such a standing.

“I’ve thrown my hat into the ring, when I started coaching I aspired to go right to the top and go as far as I can as a coach.

“I set out a long time ago as a coach from a player and I wanted to sit in one of these seats permanently, so I’ve got an audition now so to speak.”

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