Willie Peters reacts to potential Shaun Kenny-Dowall ban

The RFL disciplinary news was announced yesterday and in surprising news the headline was regarding Shaun Kenny-Dowall, and more specifically the fact that the Rovers skipper was facing a potential five match ban.

It caught many fans off guard who were unaware that a transgression had happened, never mind a Grade E offence which is what he was cited with.

The Rovers captain took the issue to tribunal and it’s since been discovered what the alleged offence is that he’s supposed to have done.

Fans found the video of the supposed offence and shared it on Twitter and it even provoked reaction from a former official who cited it as “ridiculous”.

Willie Peters has now addressed the issue in his press conference and has stated that the tribunal will make their decision tonight.

“Obviously we’ll know more tonight, it’s in the hands of the tribunal now. I will say that Skids in 16 years NRL and Super League career, he’s never missed a game with ill discipline.

“We’ll know tonight one way or another but it’ll be nice if they take that into consideration as well.”

Asked about how he personally felt on the charge he responded in a way whereby he didn’t bring any charges upon himself, answering carefully.

“Look it depends on the ruling, they’ve got rulings in place and rightly so and they’ve got to abide by those rules as players. There wasn’t a lot in it but if we’re looking at some rulings now then it may not look great from some people’s view.

“I don’t think there was a lot of intent, he wasn’t trying to hurt the player. It was just a reaction which maybe in hindsight is probably the wrong reaction.

“We need to wait and see, what I’d like is the tribunal to look into history and what type of player and person he is. They’re got rules in place and I get that but look into a little bit more, the person, the character.

“It will be nice to be under that (possible 3-5 match ban), but we’ll accept what we’ve got to accept.”

When asked if there was a possibility that his skipper could come away from the tribunal scot-free, Peters was very honest about the reality of the situation.

“I’d love that, you can only control what you can control. Naturally we’d love him to be able to play this weekend, is that reality? Well at the moment it’s in the hands of the tribunal.”

It’s believed that this is the reported offence for which Kenny-Dowall was charged with ‘contact with an injured opponent’, something that the MRP cited as ‘contrary to the sport’s ethics’.

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