Willie Peters explains Hull KR’s loss to Salford at Magic Weekend

Hull KR’s good form has hit a stumbling block as they lost for the second week in a row today, going down 26-16 to Salford at Magic Weekend in Newcastle.

It was a disappointing loss for the Robins who led 16-14 late in the game and looked in control, before a late comeback from the Red Devils meant Rovers fans left the North East dejected.

After the game, Willie Peters gave his assessment as he explained what went wrong after his side looked in a good position to close out the game and stay in touch with the competition’s top four places.

“There’s a saying, you know, saying I go by, is you get what you deserve, and I thought we did that tonight, today,” he said. “We got what we deserved on that scoreboard.

“Obviously, you know, it’s a few injuries, which is not good to see. Batch has gone to hospital. Hopefully it’s just precautionary. I’ll find out a little bit more about that soon. In terms of the game, I didn’t think we were ever in it.

“We were in front at half time, probably lucky to be in front at half-time. And then we come out in the second half and just too many errors, no discipline, the penalties that we gave in yardage. They won the ruck today.”

He also took a shot at his side’s discipline, as a succession of penalties in the second half but the Robins on the back foot for a sustained period and allowed Salford multiple opportunities at their line.

Speaking in-depth about his side’s lack of composure towards the end of the game, Peters added: “We were undisciplined, that’s probably a key factor that’s costing us at the minute, isn’t it? Especially with that penalty count, because you get in a good ball, you knock it on, you can’t let it seem like it’s all but do without counting to punish you.

“We had our chances. They gave us a few chances because they had a few errors as well, but then, as I say, that started that second half, to give two yardage penalties, And then I think it was a late one on Dean Hadley on Sneyd when he got 10 minutes. They hurt you bad those.

“Then you need to do more tackling off the back of it and fatigue starts to set in. And like I say, against a team like Salford who like to play with the ball, you’re going to get tied towards the back end and that’s when they went straight through the heart of us.”