Will Pryce suggests Super League isn’t as strong as it was when his dad played as top NRL stars no longer make move over

Will Pryce is headed to the NRL in 2024 and he seems very excited by the move.

Speaking about it to the Daily Telegraph, he got onto the topic of his dad Leon who himself was a star player winning multiple Super League titles and defeating NRL sides in the World Club Challenge.

Leon never made the move to Australia but instead was joined by some huge names in Super League such as Jamie Lyon.

Pryce has suggested that now things are the other way around with players wanting to leave Super League for the NRL suggested that it no longer is “the best of the best.”

He said: “When he was playing in the early 2000s there were a lot of Australian players who were coming to England in the prime of their careers — Matt Gidley, Jamie Lyon.

“They were playing Super League because it was the best of the best. Obviously now roles have reversed and players are going over there because that is where you want to play — against the best players in the best league.

“He just said if you want to have a real crack at this, at the end of the day every rugby player wants to retire and never work again, but if you want to achieve something great in your career, you want to go where you can do that.

“Go to Australia and test yourself against the best. I want to go over to Australia and spend the rest of my career there.”

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