Wigan Warriors’ Kai Pearce-Paul and Huddersfield Giants’ Will Pryce reportedly in negotiations for early moves

Will Prye and Kai Pearce-Paul are undoubtedly set for stardom.

The Huddersfield Giants star Will Pryce and Wigan Warriors man Kai Pearce-Paul have the potential to be two of the biggest players in their generation, it’s just a shame that they will be both lost to the NRL for potentially a big bulk of their careers.

Pryce’s ability to take the line on, find a gap and create something out of nothing is incredible whilst Pearce-Paul is one of the toughest and most physical players in his position of back-row/centre for his age.

However, the Newcastle Knights in the NRL have reportedly signed both for 2024, with respected Newcastle Herald journalist Barry Toohey claiming that a deal has been done for 2024, but that hasn’t stopped the NRL side from trying to get the duo in early though that would mean paying both Huddersfield and Wigan a transfer fee given they are both still under contract.

“Will Pryce and Kai Pearce-Paul are the two young players that the Knights have signed, but haven’t announced them, for 2024 from England,” Toohey said on the Toohey’s News: The Podcast.

“At this stage the club are trying to get them out for 2023 which means they will have to a deal with their respective clubs over there, Huddersfield and Wigan.”

Toohey, however, believes that Newcastle could get one or both of Pryce and Pearce-Paul in early.

“It’s not a matter of setting a deadline as both are under contract, but for both to come early they would have to do a deal with their respective clubs that would have to release them and we will have to wait and see if that happens.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the Knights get one for 2023 or both.”

Toohey was again asked the question on Twitter, with both still said to be in negotiations.

To see both Pryce and Pearce-Paul go Down Under so early on in their careers would be a kick in the teeth for Super League, though the England national side would certainly benefit from the duo being raised in that environment.

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J wood
J wood
23 days ago

Y ER no what let PRYCE go …Giants have improved this season.Pryce has not ..Think he’s a puppy.Cant TAKLE , his father couldn’t…