Wigan Warriors extend hummel partnership

A big part of any club is the identity they portray week in, week out and few teams have as iconic identity as Wigan Warriors.

The British game’s most successful side and the team who drove the sport into the mainstream in the 1980s and 90s, the Cherry and White of Wigan is one of the most known and appreciated sights in the sport. Even their greatest rivals cannot dispute the fact it’s always a big occasion when Wigan come to town as their Cherry and White clashes with the Red Vee of St Helens or the Blue and Amber of Leeds.

That identity has been maintained and built on over the last couple of years by kit designers hummel who have issued two lovely Cherry and White home shirts over the last two seasons, with the Warriors sporting hummel’s modern take on their iconic jersey in the 2020 Grand Final against St Helens.

An already successful partnership over the last two seasons, Wigan’s deal with hummel was already scheduled to last until 2023 but has now been extended all the way to 2028 showing the great relationship between the club and hummel and that relationship has been reflected by the comments made by both parties.

Wigan Warriors Executive Director, Kris Radlinski said: “We are delighted to agree an early extension to our partnership with hummel which is testament to the quality they provide us with both in terms of playing kits and retail garments.

“From the outset, ourselves and hummel have strived to work together to build a world-class retail offering for the Club, including the launch of a number of new lifestyle ranges to appeal to new and existing fans alike.

“Just two years into the partnership and the results speak for themselves with strong and sustained retail growth despite the challenges faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Whilst hummel UK Managing Director, Mark Underwood shared this enthusiasm: “We are pleased to announce the extension to our existing partnership with Wigan Warriors, the understanding we have built over the past two years is testament to the work both the Club and we have achieved, to create this winning professional, replica and retail product offering.

“We look forward to working together and taking our partnership to the next level, both on and off the pitch.”

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